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AR# 23201

Config 1532 BSDL File - .isc files created for the XCF00P without design revisioning conflict with 1532 BSDL files


There may be problems when playing an ".isc" file generated for an XCF00P PROM. The problem occurs when design revisioning is not being used in iMPACT to generate the ".isc" file for the device. When the ".isc" file is opened up, there is only one data array listed as "array".

The problem appears when the 1532 BSDL file for the device is called to run the "program" or "program_array" function on the device. These functions in the 1532 BSDL file call data array; array0, array1, array2, and array3. The "program" or "program_array" function does not know how to handle the data label "array", as the naming conventions do not match up.

This problem may become evident when the ".isc" file is attempted to be programmed into the device. When this occurs, the ".isc" file should compile correctly and the correct crc value should be returned. When the player then tries to execute the function, an error should be returned stating that the "array0" cannot be found.

This problem will be apparent if the JDRIVE software is being used to program the device.


This problem can be avoided if the ".isc" file for the PROM is generated in iMPACT with design revisioning selected. Simply select 1 revision and place the desired design files into the first revision. This file will provide the same functionality to the device as a file without design revisioning enabled. The two different files will also produce the same image in the PROM.

This can be tested by generating two ".mcs" files for the PROM and downloading these files to the PROM via iMPACT. The functionality will be the same on the board.

AR# 23201
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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