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AR# 23225

PCI Express v3.1 rev 2 - Simulation causes warning that states "Missing connection for port 'trn_trem_n'" or "Missing connection for port 'trn_rrem_n'."


When simulating the pci_exp_1_lane_32b_ep, pci_exp_4_lane_32b_ep, or pci_exp_1 with ModelSim, the following warnings occur:

# ** Warning: (vsim-3017) ../../example_design/xilinx_pci_exp_4_lane_32b_ep.v(751): [TFMPC] - Too few port connections. Expected 68, found 66.

# Region: /board/xilinx_pci_exp_cor_ep/xilinx_pci_exp_4_lane_32b_ep/ep

# ** Warning: (vsim-3722) ../../example_design/xilinx_pci_exp_4_lane_32b_ep.v(751): [TFMPC] - Missing connection for port 'trn_trem_n'.

# ** Warning: (vsim-3722) ../../example_design/xilinx_pci_exp_4_lane_32b_ep.v(751): [TFMPC] - Missing connection for port 'trn_rrem_n'.


These warnings can safely be ignored.

AR# 23225
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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