AR# 23310


Spartan-6/-3/-3E/-IIE/-II - Is there hysteresis on the clocks/data inputs? What is the value?


Is there hysteresis on Spartan-II, Spartan-2E, Spartan-3, Spartan-3E and Spartan-6 device inputs?

Hysteresis refers to the required change in the input voltage level that is needed to produce a change in the logic.


For Spartan-3/-3E/-6 FPGA, LVCMOS25, LVCMOS33 and LVTTL inputs have ~100 mV of hysteresis. LVCMOS12/15/18 inputs have ~10 mV of hysteresis.

For Spartan-II/-IIE FPGA, LVCMOS and LVTTL inputs have ~50 mV of hysteresis.

HSTL/SSTL and differential inputs use comparators with zero hysteresis.
AR# 23310
Date 02/21/2013
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