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AR# 23320

8.1i EDK SP2- plb_pci_v1_00_a is available for EDK 8.1i SP2


PLB PCI is a newly released core available for EDK 8.1i SP2 as an evaluation version. Designs can be implemented and simulated using EDK 8.1i SP2. Any subsequent updates of this core will be included with the normal EDK release.

NOTE: This release of the PLB PCI Core is an Early Access.


You can download the PLB PCI from the following FTP site:


You must also download the Evaluation License from the following FTP site (instructions are provided below):


NOTE: Installation of this core is similar to a patch Installation. In the following instructions, patch refers to the PLB PCI Core.

Installation Overview

Install the patch zip files into a separate EDK repository, indicate the path name of this repository in your XPS project that uses this patch, and recompile all EDK simulation libraries so that the zip files are picked up.

The latter is necessary because the patch can contain files that modify the behavior or interface of cores already present in the EDK install.

Installation Procedure

1. Unzip the licensing zip files into your HOME directory on UNIX or into C: (on Windows).

2. Create directory: <edk-patch-repository>

3. Unzip patch zip files into <edk-patch-repository> (i.e. XilinxProcessorIPLib).

4. Specify to XPS where the new patch can be found, and if the patch contains cores, you need to recompile your EDK simulation libraries ensuring that the files from the patch are picked up as follows:

a. In your XPS project, indicate the <edk-patch-repository> as a repository in the "Peripheral Repository". "Peripheral Repository" is located in the "Project --> Project Options" in the "Advanced Options" section of the "Device and Repository" panel. The PLB PCI Core appears under "Peripheral Repositories" in the IP Catalog tab in the Project Information Area of the XPS window.

If the patch contains cores, run the Simulation Library Compilation Wizard as follows:

1. In the Project Options "HDL and Simulation" panel, click the Compile button to launch the Simulation Library Compilation Wizard.

2 In the panel that contains information about compiling EDK simulation libraries, check the Compile simulation libraries for other peripheral repositories checkbox.

3. Add <edk-patch-repository> in the panel that contains data about other peripheral repositories.

4. Go through the rest of the panels.

After the simulation libraries have been compiled and the wizard is finished, ensure that the compiled library simulation paths are correctly set in the Simulation Libraries Path fields in the Project Options "HDL and Simulation" panel.

If you want your XPS project to ignore the <edk-patch-repository>, unset the Peripheral Repository field in the Project Options Device and Repository panel, and rerun the Simulation Library Compilation Wizard as indicated above without checking the Compile simulation libraries for other peripheral repositories checkbox.

AR# 23320
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
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