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AR# 23386

8.1i ISE - After migrating a project from Project Navigator 7.1i or earlier, XST is no longer able to synthesize the design


Keywords: synthesis, crash, verilog, vhdl, parser, conversion, upgrade, folder, VHDLScanDeclRegion, passing NULL, libvhpparse

After Migrating a project from an earlier version, XST synthesis fails on a design that previously synthesized correctly. The XST failure may be indicated by a cryptic error message about dynamic link libraries or possibly by a fatal error or crash.


This problem likely results from the persistence of stale data in the <project>\XST directory. When a project is migrated, the XST directory and content should be deleted. Project Navigator 8.1i migration is not properly deleting the XST directory.

To work around this issue, delete the <project>\XST directory or the content or the directory.
AR# 23386
Date 03/04/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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