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AR# 23521

9.1 ISE - Project Navigator issues: "ERROR (_GetFileName): No DU found which matches name <top_module>"


Keywords: NGDBuild, CPLD, CoolRunner, EDN, synthesis, status

A design successfully passes through Synplify synthesis and generates an EDIF file in the "HDL" flow. However, Translate fails with the following error:

"ERROR (_GetFileName): No DU found which matches name <module name>"

A Translate report (.bld) is not created, and there is no further indication of the reason for the failure.


This error occurs if the design unit name returned contains capital letters (for example, MY_TOP). Project Navigator looks for the lowercase design unit name (for example, my_top).

To work around this problem, there are three possible solutions:

- Change the top-level module name to all lowercase characters.

- Use a command line flow if the Synplify EDIF file looks good and you can successfully run NGDBuild from the command line with the same NGDBuild command that is failing Project Navigator.

Example command line:

ngdbuild -dd _ngo -uc my_top.ucf -p xpla3 my_top.edn my_top.ngd

- Create a new project, with EDIF selected as the project type, and add the Synplify created EDIF file as a source file; implement the design in the new project.

This issue has been fixed in the ISE 10 release.
AR# 23521
Date 04/16/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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