AR# 23574


10.1 CORE Generator - "ERROR:coreutil - Failure to generate output products"


While generating an IP, the following error message occurs in the CORE Generator console window:

"Generating IP...

ERROR:coreutil - Failure to generate output products

ERROR:coreutil - An error occurred while running Java. Please examine the console or coregen log file for a specific IP-related error.

If there is no specific error, the problem may be a result of memory limitations. For more information, please consult solution record 21955, available from:
Finished Generating.

ERROR:sim:57 - Error found during generation"


Below is a list of known causes of this error in CORE Generator 10.1:

- The component name of the IP core being generated contains two consecutive underscore characters ("__"), or ends with an underscore "_".

To solve this problem, avoid using consecutive underscores in the component name, or an underscore at the end of the component name.

- Spaces in the project path for specific IP cores; see (Xilinx Answer 30515).

- The data sheet or user guide for a core is opened from CORE Generator and remains open during core generation.

- A Xilinx customer reported seeing this issue when using Panda antivirus by TruPrevent Technologies. The work-around for this is to uncheck the "analysis of behavioral" in the antivirus program.

- On Linux systems, this error will occur if the $TMP variable is set to a non-existent directory.
AR# 23574
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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