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AR# 23582

8.1i Text Editor - Text Editor does not properly handle 'ENTER' key on numeric pad - Check Syntax fails


Keywords: line, number, unexpected token, Undefined sequence, HDLCompilers, Syntax, ABEL, Verilog, VHDL, ahdl2blf, compiler

The Check Syntax process fails for unexplained reason or valid errors are reported for an incorrect line number.

Syntax checking gives errors like the following on valid lines of code:

Syntax Error: Undefined sequence of characters encountered

ERROR:HDLCompilers:26 - "test.v" line 20 unexpected token: 'else'


When using the ENTER key on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, the ISE Text Editor does NOT insert a line feed. It inserts only a carriage return. This causes an invalid sequence of characters in some situations. Using the ENTER key from the numeric keypad will result in the line number not being incremented for that line, even though the carriage return is entered and the line looks correct.

To work around this problem, use the Enter Key on the Alphabet section of the keyboard or select an alternative text editor (Edit->Preferences->Editors) for use in Project Navigator.

This problem is fixed in 8.2i.
AR# 23582
Date 03/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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