AR# 23592


11.1 EDK - How do I include Verilog header files for my custom Verilog IP?


The "psf_rm.pdf" file does not have any information on how I can incorporate Verilog header files for my custom IP in the PAO file.


Do not add the header file information to the PAO file. To add a header file, use the `include directive in the Verilog files that make use of the objects found in the header file. 


Note: There is a limitation in the Import Peripheral Wizard if you are using it to import the custom IP. 

The wizard cannot recognize the relative path of the header file, so an absolute path must be used. 

For example, use the following: 


"`include D:\xxxx\xxxx\custom_ip_v1_01_a\hdl\verilog\header.v" 


After you have finished importing your IP, you must modify the `include back to relative path and copy the header file to the "hdl/verilog" directory manually.

AR# 23592
Date 06/25/2014
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