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AR# 23593

MPMC2 GUI - Error: "Sed is not installed, or it is not in your PATH"


MPMC2 IP Configurator versions: v1.6, v1.7 and v1.8

When launching the MPMC2 GUI, I might receive the following error message:

"MPMC2 IP Configurator - sed is not installed, or it is not in your PATH. Please be sure sed is executable from your command line."

On selecting OK, I receive a further error:

"The reference system directory ./data/refcores does not exist!"

When I click OK, the program exits.


Ensure that you have the required Xilinx tools installed as specified in (Xilinx Answer 23594), and that your path variable contains "%XILINX_EDK%/cygwin/bin" --as specified in the Installation section of the MPMC2 GUI user guide.

AR# 23593
Date 11/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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