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AR# 23595

MPMC2 GUI - Is it possible to add custom MPMC2 Reference Cores to the pull-down menu?


The MPMC2 GUI has a pull-down list of reference configurations which can be generated, or used as a starting point for a custom architecture.

I might find it useful to add my own custom configuration to this list.


The contents of the MPMC2 GUI pull-down menu are generated dynamically based on the contents of the "<mpmc2_install>/data/refcores" directory. You have the ability to load the last core that was generated by selecting "last.txt - Last Configuration" from the pull-down menu and selecting "Load" to load the configuration.

If you would like to permanently add a custom core configuration to the menu, take the following steps:

1. Change directory to the generated MPMC2 pcore that is to be added to the pull-down menu.

2. In this directory, there is a file "control.txt". Open this file in a text editor and confirm that there is a line "#define GUI_VERSION <version number>" (where <version number> is the version of the GUI you are using, eg. 1.5). If this line does not exist, please do not continue. Open a WebCase with Technical support for assistance.

3. Copy this file into the "<mpmc2_install>/data/refcores" directory of the MPMC2 GUI installation.

4. Rename "control.txt" to a more descriptive filename (for example, "myboard_ddr2_ididop.txt").

5. Open this text file in an editor and find the line "#define title Last Configuration". Taking care not to make any other modifications to the file, delete the text "Last Configuration" and replace it with your own text (for example "My board, 6 port 200 MHz DDR2 and 100 MHz OPB and PLB"). Save the file, and exit the text editor.

6. When you next load the MPMC2 GUI, the custom configuration will be available in the pull-down menu.
AR# 23595
Date 11/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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