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AR# 23651

MPMC2 GUI v1.7 - When I generate a core, the ".pao" file is empty


When I generate an MPMC2 Core, I do not see an error. However, the ".pao" file is empty, and the core will not synthesize.


This issue has been seen on a number of machines, and is usually related to Cygwin, and the path settings on the machine. The following checks should fix the issue:

1. Ensure that "sed" is available in your path. Please refer to the "Installation" section of the MPMC2 User Guide. Refer to (Xilinx Answer 23594).

2. The MPMC2 GUI relies on the version of Cygwin that is supplied with EDK. Please ensure that no Cygwin shell windows are open. If the issue continues, ensure that EDK is not running when the MPMC2 GUI is launched.

This issue has also been observed when the generated PCORE destination is on a different file system. To avoid this problem, generate the MPMC2 PCORE on the local drive and copy the directory to your desired location.
AR# 23651
Date 11/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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