AR# 23657


11.1 EDK - "WARNING:Data2MEM:53 File 'system.bmm' was empty or had no content."


Since my design does not include any block RAMs, I have specified in the software applications to not initialize block RAM. However, the implementation generates errors during NGDBuild and the following message occurs:

"WARNING:Data2MEM:53 - File 'proc.bmm' was empty or had no content."

An error message similar to the following might also occur:

"cp: cannot stat `implementation/system_bd.bmm': No such file or directory"


In the fast_runtime.opt file in the "etc" folder of your project directory, comment out the following lines under "Program NGDBuild":

#-bm <design>.bmm # Block RAM memory map file

AR# 23657
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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