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AR# 23663

9.2i ISE Install - "Error: Not a valid Registration ID" (invalid RegID)


When I attempt to install ISE, the following error message occurs:

"Error: Not a valid Registration ID"


The most probable cause for this error is that you are attempting to install an ISE configuration on an unsupported operating system.

Following is a list of the configurations supported on various operating systems in 9.2i:

-ISE Foundation with Full Simulator - Windows32/Linux32

-ISE Foundation - Windows32/Windows64/Linux32/Linux64/Solaris32

-ISE WebPACK - Windows32/Linux32

-ISE Foundation Eval - Windows32/Linux32

Other reasons this problem could be occurring include:

- You have entered the number incorrectly. Please try re-entering the Registration ID.

- If you downloaded ISE from the Electronic Fulfillment site, you might have extracted the zip file incorrectly (without the folder structure intact). If the ".idata.bin" file is not found in the "/idata" folder, this error will occur.

- The files were extracted on one platform, and then moved to another.

- When extracting the installer that was download from the Electronic Fulfillment site on Linux, gzip 1.2 or lower was used.

- Your PATH and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH are very long.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Xilinx Software Customer Service in your region:

Canada, USA and South America: isscs_cases@xilinx.com

Europe, Middle East, and Africa: eucases@xilinx.com

Asia Pacific including Japan: apaccase@xilinx.com
AR# 23663
Date 04/20/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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