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AR# 23672

Project Navigator - Is there a way to list all of the source files in an ISE design suite project?


Is there a command available that lists all source files contained in a project?


Such a command is available since ISE 8.2i sp1 software and can be run from the Tcl Console or from a Xilinx Tcl Shell (xtclsh).
After opening the desired project, type the following line in the Tcl Console:
search * -type file
Alternately, from a command line:
  1. cd to the ISE project directory.
  2. Type 'xtclsh <ENTER>' to open the Xilinx Tcl shell.
  3. Open the project file by typing 'project open <project_name>.ise <ENTER>'.
  4. Type 'search * -type file <ENTER>'.

The search can be narrowed down by being more specific about the type of project files that shall be returned.
search *.v -type file
search *.vhd -type file
In ISE 11.1 software, you can view the content of the .xise project file in an XML viewer to examine the source files in a project.
The Files tab contains a list of all of the files in the project as well.
If a source file's view association has changed for any reason (e.g., if a Verilog only synthesis tool is selected for a VHDL project, the VHDL files properties will be changed to only show up in the Simulation views) the view association can be corrected in the Files tab by right clicking on the file and selecting properties.
AR# 23672
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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