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AR# 23768

10.1 EDK - GDB and SDK on a Dell 620 cannot connect to a target for debugging


When I try to connect to my target via GDB or SDK, GDB always segfaults and SDK times out. The following error has also been reported:

"putpkt: write failed: Connection reset by peer."


Follow the instructions below; otherwise, GDB or SDK will still not work properly.

1. Close all programs, including, for example, Outlook, Instant messaging, and everything possible; then, uninstall the Dell Embassy software completely from add/remove programs.

2. Reboot.

3. Download the latest Embassy update from the Dell Web site.

4. Extract the files, launch the installer and do a custom install.

5. Deselect "Dell EMBASSY Trust Suite by Wave Systems" during the custom install.

GDB and SDK should now function properly on your Dell 620.

AR# 23768
Date 01/31/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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