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AR# 23893

6.1i ISE - Immediately after the Implement Design process runs on a CPLD project, the process status mark is set to "?," indicating that the process is out-of-date


Keywords: CPLD, 9500, CoolRunner, question mark, fit, implementation, update, outdated, network, remote, source files

After I run the "Implement Design" process, green checkmarks appear on successive processes, but a question mark (?) appears on "Implement Design" indicating that the process is out-of-date. No warnings or errors are issued.


In ISE 6.1i, an incorrect "out of date" status will occur for CPLD designs when the report preference is set to "Text." With this setup, an intermediate status file involved in the report generation and display script is not being generated. This causes Project Navigator to assume that the final file produced is out-of-date.

To avoid this incorrect "out-of-date" status, use one of the following options:

- Use the HTML preference for CPLD reports under the Edit -> Preferences General tab. The text report can then be selected from within the HTML report index if desired.

This issue was fixed in the first service pack for 6.1i.
- Download the latest 6.1i Service Pack, available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 6.1i Service Pack 1.

See also (Xilinx Answer 17953)
AR# 23893
Date 08/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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