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AR# 23918

9.1i EDK - How do I upgrade MicroBlaze from v4.00 to v5.00 in EDK?


How do I upgrade MicroBlaze from v4.00 to v5.00 in EDK?


MicroBlaze v4.00 can now be upgraded to v5.00, which provides enhanced performance. However, v5.00 requires that Cache Links (XCL) be used to connect instruction and data caches to external memory. When upgrading a MicroBlaze v4.00 system where the OPB bus is used to connect caches to memory, Cache Links must be manually connected. In addition, if Trace signals are connected in the system for debugging, they might have to be manually reconnected because of name changes. 


To upgrade from v4.00 to v5.00, follow these steps: 


1. Change the MicroBlaze HW_VER parameter in the MHS file to the active MicroBlaze 5 processor version found in the IP Catalog. When the file is saved, EDK will automatically update the system.  

2. If your system has caches connected to memory with OPB, you must use XCL instead:  

a. In case the Memory Controller IP used does not support XCL, you first must replace it with an appropriate Multi-Channel Memory Controller.  

b. The XCL can then be connected by clicking the XCL connection symbols in the Bus Connectivity Panel.  

3. If Trace signals are used, for example, together with a ChipScope Integrated Logic Analyzer IP, signal connections should be checked and reconnected if necessary.

AR# 23918
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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