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AR# 24036

8.2i EDK - I cannot open a .xmp file by double-clicking in Windows Explorer


After upgrading to EDK 8.2i (and not uninstalling 8.1i), when I double-click the system.xmp file to launch the Xilinx Platform Studio, the following error occurs: 


"$XILINX does not point to an ISE 7.1 installation. 

Press enter to close."


To resolve this issue, you must change a Windows Registry setting and the "open" action for the XMP file type as follows: 


1. Using the Registry Editor, change the following key to point to the XPS executable in the EDK 8.2i install location: 


NOTE: To launch the Registry Editor, type "regedit" from Start -> Run. 




For example, if your EDK 8.2i is installed in C:\EDK_82\, change the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\XPS_GUI\shell\open\Command Data field to include the following: 


C:\EDK_82\bin\nt\xps.exe %1 


2. Associate the XMP file type with the xps.exe file from the EDK 8.2i install as follows: 

a. From Windows Explorer, select Folder Options from the Tools menu. 

b. Select the File Types tab. 

c. Find and select the XMP extension. 

d. Click on the Restore button. 


These steps should allow you to launch the project by double-clicking the .xmp file in Windows Explorer. 


3. If the Restore button is not available, or if you do not have an XMP extension, you must manually fix or add an "open" action. Create the XMP extension if missing as follows: 

a. Click New and type "XMP" in the File Extension field, and then click OK. 

b. Click on the Advanced button for the XMP type. 

c. Add or Edit the "open" action. 

d. Click on Browse and navigate to xps.exe, select it, and click Open. 

e. Click OK and then OK again, and then Close.

AR# 24036
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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