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AR# 24045

MIG - How can I simulate a VHDL design, since MIG provides only a Verilog Micron memory model?


Starting with MIG v2.0, MIG outputs both Verilog and VHDL testbench files. However, MIG provides only a Verilog Memory Model. How can I simulate a VHDL design?


Many simulators support multi-language simulations, allowing you to simulate VHDL controller designs with Verilog models. However, in many cases, both a Verilog and VHDL license must be purchased. If this is not possible, the VHDL memory model must be obtained from the third-party vendor. If the vendor does not currently supply VHDL models, there are third-party companies that can provide VHDL Memory Models.

While every device might not have a corresponding VHDL model, a similar device's memory model can be used as a starting point. The site accessed from the following link might be useful for locating VHDL memory models. Xilinx has not performed any testing with these third-party models and cannot guarantee their accuracy or functionality. Xilinx provides no support for models acquired from this site:


AR# 24045
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • MIG
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