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AR# 24084

CompXLib - "ERROR:CAEInterfaces - COMPXLIB[env]: detected MTI-XE simulator installation"


The following error occurs when I try to compile libraries for ModelSim PE or SE. Why?

"ERROR:CAEInterfaces - COMPXLIB[env]: detected MTI-XE simulator installation

MTI-XE => 'C:\Modeltech_xe61e\win32xoem'

The Xilinx HDL Libraries should not be compiled with compxlib for the

MTI-XE edition. The libraries are already Pre-Compiled for MTI-XE and

are available on xilinx.com website.

<ToolTip>: If you want to compile the libraries for MTI-SE or MTI-PE

then set the simulator environment accordingly"


This problem can occur when the MXE path is in front of the PE/SE path for the PATH variable. Consequently, when CompXLib issues the VCOM/VLOG command, it processes whatever executable it encounters first (determined by the PATH variable).

For example, this issue occurs when the path variable is as follows:

PATH = C:\Modeltech_xe61e\win32xoem;C:\Modeltech_xe60d\win32xoem;C:\Modeltech_6.0d\win32pe;

To prevent this issue, the path should be changed to the following:

PATH =C:\Modeltech_6.0d\win32pe; C:\Modeltech_xe61e\win32xoem;C:\Modeltech_xe60d\win32xoem;

NOTE: If you change the path variable and you are using the DOS window, you must close it and reopen it; if you are using the ISE GUI, you must close the application and reopen it.

AR# 24084
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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