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AR# 24097

9.1i EDK - While running CompEDKLib, CompXLib generates the following error: "Number of compile errors found: 1"


Keywords: failed, execute, UniSim, SimPrim, GUI, EDK, compedklib, compxlib

When I run CompEDKLib to compile both the ISE and EDK libraries, CompXLib does not correctly compile the ISE libraries and the following message is displayed under the progress bar:

"Number of compile errors found: 1"

Also, in the output folder for the ISE libraries, the "compxlib_out.log" file includes an error similar to the following:

"ERROR:: Failed to execute compxlib -s mti_se -lib unisim -lib simprim -lib xilinxcorelib -lib smartmodel -arch virtex -arch virtex2p -arch virtex4 -arch spartan3 -l all -dir . -w -smartmodel_setup :
ISE library compilation completed."


One way to work around this is as follows:

1. Run the CompXLib command from the "compxlib_out.log' file via the command.
2. Delete the output from any failed attempts to compile if the libraries are to be installed into the same folder.

Another way to work around this issue is as follows:

1. Launch CompEDKLib from a CMD shell after setting PATH to include the EDK Cygwin/bin folder.
2. Run the following from a DOS command prompt:

C:> set path=%path%;%xilinx_edk%\cygwin\bin
C:> compedklib

This launches CompEDKLib from a shell with the EDK Cygwin/bin folder in the PATH environment variable (you do not have to add this to your permanent PATH).

3. Run through the CompEDKLib GUI as normal.
AR# 24097
Date 09/12/2007
Status Active
Type General Article
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