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AR# 24142

8.2i EDK - LwIP and Xilinx EMAC cores support


What EDK cores can I use with LwIP?


The LwIP (v2.00.a) library provided in EDK 8.2i currently supports OPB EMAC Lite, OPB EMAC 10/100, PLB EMAC 10/100, and PLB TEMAC peripherals.

For the MAC modes supported (FIFO Polled, FIFO Interrupt, Simple DMA, Scatter-Gather DMA) and LwIP APIs (RAW API, Sockets API), check the lwIP Library (v2.00.a) data sheet. You can access the LwIP Library Data Sheet (lwip_v2_00_a.pdf) from the EDK 8.2i Install area:


Click on the <lwIP Library (v2.00.a)> link in the libraries table to access the lwip_v2_00_a.pdf data sheet.

AR# 24142
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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