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AR# 24232

8.2 System Generator - DDS v5.0 block error occurs when phase increment input = 32 bits


When the phase increment input is set to 32 bits, which is a valid selection according to the User Guide, the System Generator DDSv5.0 block reports the following error during generation: 


"Error Message : 

Error reported by S-function 'sysgen' in 'xxx/Mult': 

Summary of errors from all sources: 


Summary of Errors: 

Error 0001: Illegal input type on port: data 

Block: 'xxx/DDS v5_0 ' 


Error 0001: 

Reported by: 

'xxx/DDS v5_0 ' 


The data port is being driven by a Fix_32_0. 

The data port must be a Fix_31_N."


This is a problem in the System Generator DDS v5.0 block. The maximum allowable width of the phase increment input is 31 bits in System Generator.  


The DDS Compiler block has replaced the DDS v5.0 block and does not have this problem.

AR# 24232
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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