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AR# 24300

9.1i EDK ModelSim - Error message: "ppc405_adv_top.VMC.VMC.VMC.......The PowerPC 405 core has received X's on an input pin"


I have a PPC design with a user IP connected to a DCR bus. While performing a timing simulation of the system, I receive the following message:

"# ppc405_adv_top.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC.VMC:8210300:(S103) {SRAM1PSR_T1C00512X132D04S1}

# The PowerPC 405 core has received X's on an input pin.

# Valid inputs are required before simulation can continue.

# Cell corrupted."

However, behavioral and structural simulation work fine.


The VMC errors are usually a set-up hold violation or "X" on the input that the SmartModel receives. The error message occurs when using a PPC design with an IP using a DCR bus. The message occurs because the EMACDCRACK signal is not tied down to "0" in the timing simulation.

You can work around this issue by forcing this signal to "0" during timing simulation, as shown in the following example:

force -freeze sim:/system/ppc405_0_ppc405_0_ppc405_adv_i_emacdcrack 0 0

AR# 24300
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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