AR# 24331


9.1i ISE - Opening a 9.1i ISE project with 8.Xi Project Navigator corrupts the project file: "Open failed for <project>.ise"


When I try to open a 9.1i ISE project in 8.2i Project Navigator, the project file is corrupted and cannot be opened in either version of Project Navigator.

This problem can occur when the 9.1i project is listed as the last project opened in a previous software version, as in the following example:

1. A project file named my_proj.ise is migrated from version 8.2.03i to 9.1i when opening the project in Project Navigator 9.1i.

2. Project Navigator 8.2i is opened for use with another project. However, the default preference, "Always Open Last Project," is selected and my_proj.ise is the last project opened with Project Navigator 8.2.03i. Project Navigator 8.2.03i opens, but this message occurs: "Open failed for: my_proj.ise."

3. The my_proj.ise file cannot be opened in either 9.1i or 8.2.03i Project Navigator.


In the example above, the 8.2i version of the project is backed up before migration to the 9.1i project file format. This backup file can be used to open the project in 8.2i or can be migrated again to the 9.1i file format by opening in Project Navigator 8.2i However, project changes made after project file migration are not recoverable from the backed-up version of the 8.2i project file.

To avoid unintentionally opening ISE 9.1i projects in ISE 8.2i, the "Always Open Last Project" project option should be turned off in ISE 8.2i (Edit -> Preferences -> ISE General).

A fix added in ISE 9.1i SP1 prevents ISE 9.1.01i project files from being corrupted by previous software versions. With the fix, if an older version attempts to open the 9.1.01i project, the .ise file becomes READ ONLY to prevent corruption by the older version. The READ ONLY permission needs to be manually changed before the project can be opened again with a valid software version (i.e. ISE 9.1.01i).

This problem has been fixed in the latest 9.1i Service Pack available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 9.1i Service Pack 1.
AR# 24331
Date 01/26/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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