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AR# 24335

9.1i CORE Generator - Error occurs when generating FIR Compiler v2.0 Core: "Error: Unknown Tcl command "WriteTextFile"


Keywords: customize, reloadable, IP

When generating a FIR Compiler v2.0 IP Core, the following error occurs:

"Error: Unknown Tcl command "WriteTextFile".
while executing "$IpModel WriteTextFile $reorderfilename $file_content " (procedure "generate_Reload_Info" line 459)
invoked from within "generate_Reload_Info" (procedure "translate_Coefficient_File" line 75)
invoked from within "$method $xcoValue" (procedure "translate_XcoParameter" line 6)
invoked from within "translate_XcoParameter Coefficient_File"


This error occurs if "Use reloadable coefficients" is selected in the FIR Compiler v2.0 customization options. The "WriteTextFile" Tcl function was not properly published to the 9.1i software build. FIR Compiler v2.0 is the only core that uses the "WriteTextFile" function.

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the first IP update for ISE 9.1i.
AR# 24335
Date 04/08/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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