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AR# 24336

8.2.02 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - I don't have write permission to the default ACCELWORK directory and AccelDSP won't run without it. What do I do?


I don't have write permission to the default ACCELWORK directory and AccelDSP is popping up an error like this: 


Cannot overwrite file C:\AccelDSP\AccelWork\SystemEnvironment\SystemEnvironment.htm 


What do I do?


1.End the AccelDSP process 

a. Right-click on the toolbar along the bottom and select "Task Manager" 

b. Select the "Processes" tab 

c. Select the AccelDsp.exe process and click the End Process button 


2. Set the ACCELWORK environment variable to a writable directory.  

a. To change your environment variable, right-click on My Computer and select Properties 

b. Select the Advanced tab 

c. Click on the Environment Variables button 

d. In the User variables section, select ACCELWORK and change the path to a directory you can write to that you want to use as a default location to store AccelDSP projects 


3. Run AccelDSP and your System Environment page should now display the ACCELWORK you set as an environment variable. 


If you're still having problems, here are some extra steps: 


4. Remove the SystemEnvironment.htm and SystemEnvironment.xml files from the directory you want to use as your ACCELWORK.  

5. Log out and log back in. AccelDSP will now start properly.

AR# 24336
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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