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AR# 24390

9.1i ISE - Project Navigator will display unsupported source files (.tbw and .cdc) on Windows XP64 without a warning or info message


Keywords: test bench waveform, ISE simulator, simulate, generate, process, run, available, NT64, chipscope, inserter

Test Bench Waveforrm (.tbw) and ChipScope source files are not supported on Windows XP64 platform. However, if a project containing one of these source files is opened in Project Navigator 9.1i on WinXP64, the project will open without an error or warning and the ".tbw" and/or ".cdc" file will appear in the source window as a valid source.

No processes will be available for a ".tbw" or ".cdc" source.


In order to run a process for a ".cdc" or ".tbw" source, the project must be opened on a platform which is supported by these source types. See also (Xilinx Answer 24391).
AR# 24390
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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