AR# 24471


8.2i CORE Generator IP Update #3 - After installing 8.2i_IP3 on Linux, my ISE version is listed as 8.2.2.


Keywords: Solaris, Linux, Windows, UNIX, 8.2.2, release, version

After installing 8.2i IP Update 3 on Linux, users will find that the ISE Project Navigator splash screen, ISE Help->About menus, and ISE reports will reflect the software version as 8.2.2.


This is a known issue with the current version of 8.2i IP Update #3. To fix this issue, the last version line found in $XILINX/fileset.txt must be removed. The line should look similar to the following:

Fri Jun 30 08:11:41 TZ 2006:: version=8.2.2

Once this line is removed, the software should reflect that you have ISE 8.2.03i installed.
AR# 24471
Date 04/23/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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