AR# 24515


9.1i Tcl - Error occurs when creating a new project in Tcl console or shell: "ERROR:TclTasksC:project_006: Exception detected while executing [project new]"


Keywords: xtclsh, extension, new project, initialize

When I create a new project in the Tcl Console in Project Navigator or in the Xilinx Tcl shell (xtclsh), the following error occurs:

"ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:73 - HdcC::HDProject::Open: Can't initialize project file "<project name>". HDProject not loaded.
ERROR:TclTasksC:project_006: Exception detected while executing [project new].
Type [help project new] for more information."


This error occurs when attempting to create a new project using the "project new name" Tcl command without specifying an "ise" extension when the project name is less than four characters.

For example, creating a new project with the Tcl command "project new joe" causes the above error. However, creating a new project with the Tcl command "project new joe.ise" does not cause the error. Also, "project new joe1" works because there are more than three characters in the project name.

This problem has been fixed in the latest 9.1i Service Pack available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 9.1i Service Pack 1.
AR# 24515
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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