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AR# 24533

Virtex-5 LXT RocketIO - RX termination for GTP0 and GTP1 are swapped in ISE 9.1.01i and earlier


When termination attributes are set in the software for GTP0, they take effect in GTP1 and vice versa.


If termination settings for GTP0 and GTP1 are different, it is important to note that instantiated settings for GTP0 will be implemented in GTP1 and instantiated settings for GTP1 will be implemented in GTP0.

This has been fixed in version 9.1.03.

The DRP bus is correct in v1.1 of (UG196) and later. 

The correct DRP map for the affected attributes is shown below:

AC_CAP_DIS_0 = bit 14 of 0x49

AC_CAP_DIS_1 = bit 1 of 0x06

RCV_TERM_MID_0 = bit 15 of 0x49

RCV_TERM_MID_1 = bit 0 of 0x06

RCV_TERM_GND_0 = bit 0 of 0x4A

RCV_TERM_GND_1 = bit 15 of 0x05

RCV_TERM_VTTRX_0 = bit 1 of 0x4A

RCV_TERM_VTTRX_1 = bit 14 of 0x05

AR# 24533
Date 06/21/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-5 LXT
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