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9.1i Install - ISE Service Pack Release Notes (README)


This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for 9.1i Service Packs. The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed.

A successful installation of Xilinx ISE 9.1i Service Pack "x" updates your software version number to 9.1.0xi.


- The destination directory specified during the setup operation must contain an existing Xilinx ISE installation. Only existing files are updated. Any new device support not previously installed should first be installed before adding the Service Pack.

Installation Instructions for Windows Users

1. Download "9_1_0xi_win(64).exe" from:

2. Run "9_1_0xi_win(64).exe."

Installation Instructions for Red Hat Linux and Sun Solaris Users

1. Download "9_1_0xi_<platform>.zip from:

2. Move the zip file to an empty "staging" area, and unzip the downloaded file.

For example:

mv 9_1_0xi_<platform>.zip /home/<staging_dir>

cd /home/<staging_dir>

unzip 9_1_0xi_<platform>.zip

3. Run "setup."

NOTE: WebUpdate can also be used to download and install ISE Service Packs.

Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 25139) - 9.1i ISE - "ERROR:PersonalityModule:7 - Unable to open Xilinx data file for Vendor/Device Module spartan3a.acd" after installing Service Pack 3


Issues Addressed in 9.1i Service Packs


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24763) - 9.1.02i BitGen - ISC file generation support for Virtex-4 devices is re-enabled


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24765) - BSDL Files - Devices xc2c32a and xc2c64a in 1532 mode are updated in 9.1.02

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24766) - BSDL Files - XC2C512 FT256 IDCODE is different from the generic version of the BSDL file

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24767) - BSDL Files Virtex - Four BSDL files are missing from ISE 9.1i for the xa4vfx12 devices

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24769) - BSDL Files - The xa3s1500.bsd is missing from 9.1.01

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24770) - BSDL File - The XCR3512_FG324 BSDL file has the incorrect IDCODE

Constraints & Timing

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24539) - 9.1i Constraints Editor - Missing predefined group MULTS for Multi-cycle and False Paths dialog box

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24540) - 9.1i Constraints Editor - Hangs while reading the NGD in standalone mode

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24548) - 8.2.03i Timing - Min Period warning on BUFR over 250 MHz

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23747) - 8.2i Virtex-5 Timing Analyzer - Why are Q1 and Q2 paths analyzed on both edges?

Floorplan Editor

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24542) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Virtex-5 - BUFR and BUFIO components are not displayed

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24543) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor/PACE - Differential pairs are not treated as pairs during placement

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24811) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Cannot place BUFGMUX component

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24812) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor/Implemented - Simplified Routing does not show routing for IOB (IBUF -> IDELAY or IDELAY -> BUFIO)

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24813) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Bank information for Locked pads not displayed

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24406) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Windows XP 64-bit: Dragging and Dropping hierarchical module causes crash

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24791) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Crashes when prohibiting second IOB site or pad

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24792) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Implemented: Timing Analyzer - Inaccurate path when cross probing

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24814) - 9.1i Floorplan Editor - Missing Delay information on signals


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24328) - 9.1i iMPACT - Standalone iMPACT does not run on Windows 2000 Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24781) - 9.1i iMPACT - Virtex-5 fails verify in SelectMAP mode

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24782) - 9.1i iMPACT - When programing an SPI device attached to a Virtex-5, iMPACT closes

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24783) - 9.1i iMPACT - When BPI Flash programming is selected, some operations still function on the FPGA

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24784) - 9.1i iMPACT - SPI configuration will not stop when the IDCODE check fails

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24785) - 9.1i iMPACT - SPI blank check with Virtex-5 device generates conflicting log messages

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24786) - 9.1i iMPACT - When programming the SPI AT45DB642D attached to a Virtex-5 device, the software crashes

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24787) - 9.1i iMPACT - When adding a BPI Flash device to a Virtex-5 device, the device does not appear in the GUI

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24788) - 9.1i iMPACT - A .bin file is needed for an SPI device but the option is grayed out

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24789) - 9.1i iMPACT - Verify fails when an operation on an SPI M25P65 device is connected to a Virtex-5 device

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24790) - 9.1i iMPACT - Errors occur when trying to readback an SPI device


(SP2) - Significant improvements in the memory utilization; refer to the following documentation for details:


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24550) - 8.2.03i NGDBuild - "ERROR:NgdBuild:955 - Partition xx was defined..."

Project Navigator

(Xilinx Answer 24407) - 9.1i ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 9.1i

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24469) - 9.1i ISE Project Navigator - Clean-up Project Files process error: "ERROR:ProjectMgmt - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'invalid command name "0"'

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24470) - 9.1i ISE - Project -> Add Source does not honor the source file's view association

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24331) - 9.1i ISE - Opening a 9.1i ISE project with 8.Xi Project Navigator corrupts the project file: "Open failed for <project>.ise"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24472) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not correctly parse third-party encrypted EDIF netlists

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24473) - 9.1i ISE - Project -> Source Control -> Import error: "ERROR:ProjectMgmt - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'A failure occurred while attempting to fetch a ptrHandle parameter'"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24475) - 9.1i ISE/EDK - Removing an XMP file from an ISE project does not restore user control of all embedded processor options

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24477) - 9.1i ISE - Adding an .xco file to a project with "Project -> Add Copy of Source..." option does not copy all of the needed files for the IP core

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24479) - 9.1i ISE - All processes become outdated when Xplorer run is completed

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24388) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator looks for IP core from previous project, and I receive "XMDF-ERROR: Failed to load <project>/<core name>"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24480) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not display CPLD Fitter Report, "Page not Found" and "The page cannot be displayed"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24481) - 9.1i ISE - Timing constraint names are not displayed in the HTML timing report opened in Project Navigator

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24493) - 9.1i ISE - "ERROR:HDLCompilers:87 - "<project file name>.v" line <###> Could not find module/primitive '<Instantiated IP core name>'"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24495) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator fails to run implementation in Xplorer mode - "ERROR: Possible bad argument: <design>.ngc - Xplorer run failed"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24490) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator, Cleanup Project File process deletes SDC input constraints file for Synplify-based synthesis

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24489) - 9.1i ISE - Associating a UCF file with a lower-level module error: "ERROR:ProjectMgmt - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'invalid command name "0""

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24744) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator cannot open a project; problem occurs while loading a project

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24745) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator indicates that PAR fails even though there are no errors in the PAR report

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24756) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not allow .tb, .vhd, or .v files to be added to a project in place of .tbw, .xco, or .xaw sources

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24394) - 9.1i ISE - How can I limit the processors on which Project Navigator runs?

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24757) - 9.1i ISE - Closing a Project Navigator project reports: "ERROR:TclTasksC:project_084 - project close: Error closing current project"

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 22886) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator processes do not release memory even after a project is closed and reopened (memory leak)

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24896) - 9.1i ISE - Closing Project Navigator fails on Windows 64-bit system

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24897) - 9.1i ISE - "ERROR:Simulator:35 - Sdf file "<module>.sdf" specified does not exist or cannot be read"

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24898) - 9.1i ISE - The Project Navigator "Find in Files" does not search all files using *.* filter

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24899) - 9.1i ISE - "Tip of the Day" dialog is displayed each time Project Navigator is launched even when the option to show the tips is unchecked

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23105) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator GUI is unresponsive or slow to respond while processing schematic-based design

RTL Viewer

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24516) - 9.1i RTL Viewer - Schematic symbols in the RTL viewer are displayed as rectangle blocks


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24355) - 9.1i ISE Simulator - "ERROR:HDLParsers:3482 - Could not resolve instantiated unit <name> in Verilog module work/<name> in any library"

TCL Commands

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24515) - 9.1i Tcl - Error occurs when creating a new project in Tcl console or shell: "ERROR:TclTasksC:project_006: Exception detected while executing [project new]"

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24900) - 9.1i Tcl - Project partitions for an EDIF-based project are not completely removed using the "partition delete" Tcl command


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24761) - Virtex- 4/-5 Configuration - File generation for 32-bit configuration modes must be done in 9.1.02

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 24764) - Virtex-5 Configuration - When using BitGen compression with x16- or x32-bit configuration modes 9.1.02 must be used


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24325) - 9.1i XST - "INTERNAL_ERROR:Xst:cmain.c:3110:1.8 - To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at"

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