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AR# 24575

9.1i WebUpdate - "An error occurred when running the WebUpdate program" is seen when running a "local" update.


Keywords: Service Pack, SXT, Device Installer, connection

After downloading a Xilinx software update from the Download Center, the following message is displayed when trying to install:

"An error occurred when running the WebUpdate program.

WebUpdate/WebInstall is unable to access the Xilinx web site. Common reasons for this are:
* The machine is not currently connected to the internet
* The Proxy settings are not configured properly

For more information on configuring the proxy settings, please click the Help button."


This error can occur when the software update is being run from a UNC path such as:


To workaround the issue, you can either map the directory or copy the update to your local machine.

NOTE: The local update is not actually attempting to connect to the Xilinx web site.
AR# 24575
Date 05/01/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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