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AR# 24694

System Generator for DSP 8.2 - When I launch SBDBuilder, why do I receive a message that I need to run xlupdatepartinfo? Why does xlupdatepartinfo fail to run?


When I launch SBDBuilder, why do I receive a message that I need to run xlupdatepartinfo?  


The following message occurs when I type "xlupdatepartinfo" at the command prompt: 


"failed running: $XILINX\bin\nt\xilperl.exe C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\toolbox\sysgen\scripts\xlrunperl.pl -cmd sgpartgen.pl... "


The System Generator Board Description Builder will fail to run if System Generator is installed to a directory that contains spaces in it (such as "Program Files").  


This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release. 


To work around this issue: 

Uninstall System Generator by deleting the "\sysgen" folder from the MATLAB installation directory, and reinstall System Generator to a directory without spaces (such as "C:\SysGen"). 


If you do not wish to reinstall System Generator, you can use the following steps to temporarily resolve issues with spaces in the path: 

1. If you have multiple versions of MATLAB installed, make sure the version of MATLAB that you want to use with System Generator is the first version in your PATH environment variable. 

2. Go to Start -> Run. 

3. Type "command" to launch a command window. (NOTE: It is important to type out "command" fully, as opposed to typing "cmd".) 

4. Type "matlab" at the command prompt to launch MATLAB. 


This will launch MATLAB in a mode that will abbreviate all directories greater than 8 characters with a ~1 which obfuscates the space in Program Files, and will allow the SBDBuilder and xlupdatepartinfo to run without error.

AR# 24694
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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