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AR# 24695

XAPP948 - The BER plot generation hangs when the simulation is run


When I attempt to run "demo_ctrl.m" as described in (Xilinx XAPP948): "Hardware Acceleration of 3GPP Turbo Encoder/Decoder BER Measurement Using System Generator" Application Note, the figure windows open and then the system appears to go into an infinite loop.


The reason for this issue is that MATLAB R2006a operates differently to R14 sp3 regarding end of files. 


The solution is to change the two ".m" files as described below: 


File Run_Test.m 


In the file line 127 change from: 


while ~feof(fid) 

res=fscanf(fid,'%f',[4 inf]); 





% while ~feof(fid) 

res=fscanf(fid,'%f',[4 inf]); 



File Combine_ber_plots.m  


In the "for" line 135 repeat above.

AR# 24695
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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