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AR# 24721

8.2isp1 EDK/Data2mem - Can't init bitstream with MB code for XC5VLX110


According to (Xilinx Solution 24211), ISE 8.2.03i supports only Virtex 5 LX50 and LX50T. My design is targeting a V5 LX110 device. I have ISE 9.1i installed, but since EDK 9.1 is not released yet, I cannot upgrade my 8.2i design (which includes an EDK processor system) to 9.1i. What can I do?


Considering you have generated your system's NCD file in EDK or ISE 8.2i, you can work around this limitation by using 9.1 BitGen and Data2mem to generate a bitstream from it and run data2mem afterward.

The steps are the following:

1. Run implementation in ISE/EDK 8.2i

2. Change your environment variable to point to ISE 9.1i

3. Open up a command window (cmd)

4. Run BitGen there to generate a bitstream. An example command line is below:

bitgen -f system_stub.ut system_stub

5. Run data2mem to update the bitstream. An example command line is below:

data2mem -bm edkBmmFile_bd.bmm -bt system_stub.bit -bd executable.elf -o b download.bit

AR# 24721
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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