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AR# 24810

MPMC2 GUI v1.7 - Registered DIMMs selection box is grayed out


My system uses unregistered DIMM/SODIMM/Discrete parts, however, on my board the data is registered. I cannot select the "Registered DIMMs" check box because it is grayed out. How do I select this feature?


If your memory appears to the MPMC2 controller as a registered memory, it is necessary to select the registered DIMMs selection box. In the case where the part selected is not registered, however, the board is registering the data.

Use these steps to enable the feature:

1. Start the MPMC2 IP Configurator (GUI).

2. Load your configuration.

3. In the Physical Memory Configuration for Memory 1, select the Reset Fields button. This clears all of the memory fields.

4. Set Style = DIMM

5. Set Part Number = MT9HVF6472K

6. Set Speed = 53E

7. Load your configuration again.

The "Registered DIMMs" selection box is now available for use, and you can create your Pcore with it enabled.

In future versions of the MPMC2 IP Configurator (GUI), you will be able to select the "Registered DIMMs" for all memory types.
AR# 24810
Date 11/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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