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System Generator for DSP - How can I switch between multiple versions of System Generator for one MATLAB installation?


I have multiple versions of System Generator for DSP. How can I switch between the different versions?


To run multiple versions of the System Generator, all intended installations must be compatible with the associated MATLAB version.

When there are multiple installed versions of the System Generator, you can run the xlVersion script from the MATLAB console to change versions of the System Generator.

  • To list the current versions of System Generator associated with MATLAB, type:
    • >> xlVersion
  • If not all of versions are listed, type:
    • >> xlVersion -add <path to other System Generator directory>
      For example, the path is named as follows:%MATLAB%\toolbox\xilinx\sysgen_91\xilinx\sysgen
  • To change to a different version than is currently selected, type:
    • >> xlVersion <sg_version>
      The sg_version is the version number of System Generator you want to switch to, for example,, and MATLAB will be directed to the specified System Generator version.

ISE 10.1 Software and Newer

Starting with the ISE 11.1 software and later, you can run the "MATLAB chooser" program for the version of System Generator you want to use from the Start menu under "Xilinx 11.1 > DSP Tools > Select MATLAB version for Xilinx System Generator".

Prior to the ISE 10.1 software, the MATLAB Chooser was not available, therefore, you must use xlVersion to return the software version number.

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