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10.1 Partitions/Incremental Flow - How do I create Partitions for design preservations using Synplify?


How do I create Partitions for design preservations using Synplify?


Starting in Synplify Pro 8.8, enhancements were made to the compile points command, that gives Synplify Pro and Synplify Premier tools the ability to create Partitions. The define_compile_point command defines a compile point in a top-level constraint file (SDC). For each module you want to define as a Partition, you use one define_compile_point command. In addition, you have the ability to access the Compile Points panel for your design when defining a top-level constraint file. When opening the SDC file in Synplify Pro or Synplify Premier, the top-level constraint file spreadsheet will open with several sub-tabs. By selecting the "Compile Points" sub-tab, you can define which module you would like as a compile point. Once a module is selected, the type must be specified as "lock, physical." If "lock" is the only option, then the SDC file must be modified similar to the following example:

7 define_compile_point {v:work.multigenHD_vert} -type {locked, partition} -cpfile {}

7 define_compile_point {v:work.multigenHD_horz} -type {locked, partition} -cpfile {}

A compile point can be set manually for each level of hierarchy. Once the compile point is added to the SDC file, Synplify will add the "PARTITION" string and timestamp string to the EDIF files for each hierarchical node. When ISE parses the EDIF file, it will create the relative Partition for each tagged hierarchical node.

The EDIF that is created by Synplify Pro or Synplify Premier will be used to create the project in ISE Project Navigator and ensures the Partitions are recognized and preserved during implementation. If the HDL is changed, the Synplify project will have to be resynthesized. The new EDIF file will have to be updated in ISE for the PARTITION timestamps to be recognized.

The syntax for the define_complite_point command in the top-level constraint file (SDC) is:

7 define_compile_point {module_name} -type {locked, partition} -cpfile {}

o -type: Specifies the type of compile point and must be "locked, partition"

o -cpfile; Synplify internal use only

For more information on compile points, please refer to the Synplicity Synthesis User Guide and Synplicity Synthesis Reference Manual.

For more information on Partitions, please refer to (Xilinx XAPP918): "Incremental Design Reuse With Partitions."
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