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AR# 24885

9.1i BitGen - "ERROR:Bitgen - Incorrect DCI setting for bank... when a LVDCI_33 input is set with DCI_CASCADE master"


BitGen issues an error when the DCI_CASCADE constraint is used on a bank that has only LVDCI_33 inputs.  


ERROR:Bitgen - Incorrect DCI setting for bank 12. It cannot be used as master. 

ERROR:Bitgen:157 - Bitgen will terminate because of the above errors.


The LVDCI_33 input does not require the use of the DCI engine, and because of this the software will not know how to set up the DCI block. An IOSTANDARD which utilizes the DCI block will be required with the DCI_CIASCADE constraint.

AR# 24885
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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