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AR# 24908

9.1i ISE - Spartan-3A projects fail to load correctly after upgrading to ISE9.1i SP1 (9.1.01i)


Keywords: CoolRunner, Spartan-3A, sources, project, open

If a Spartan-3A project was created in ISE 8.2i or ISE 9.1i and then opened with ISE 9.1.01i or later, the project opens, but all of the source files are lost and the device family is set to ACR2 or family other than Spartan-3A.


In ISE 9.1i sp1, the Spartan-3A family was replaced by the "Spartan3A and 3AN" family. Because of the internal name change, when an existing Spartan-3A project is opened, Project Navigator does not recognize the device family and sets the project to use the default family (typically, ACR2).

Once the project has been opened in ISE 9.1.01i, you need to reset the project family and device using the new "Spartan3A and 3AN" family selection.
AR# 24908
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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