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11.1 EDK - How can I use a third-party synthesis tool with XPS?


How can I use a third-party synthesis tool with XPS?


Using a third-party synthesis tool with XPS is not supported. 

The following are guidelines to help you use a third-party synthesis tool for your custom pcores if necessary: 

Solution 1 

 Pre-compile your non-Xilinx cores outside EDK. 

Mark them as "black box" in the MPD file using OPTION STYLE = BLACKBOX. 

Specify the name of the EDIF netlist in the BBD file of the core.

If your core includes parameters that you want to vary, you can compile a netlist for each possible parameter combination and put them in the netlist directory of the pcore. 

You also must specify each of these pre-compiled netlists in the BBD file along with the parameter values used to compile them. 

EDK recognizes the correct netlist based on the parameter values chosen. 


Solution 2 

Instruct EDK not to synthesize your core by marking the MPD of the pcore with OPTION IMP_NETLIST = FALSE. 

When EDK compiles its cores, it will skip any user-compiled cores. 

You must use the customer makefile flow in XPS (see Project Options to specify your own makefile). 

In your custom makefile, you can either add a command to synthesize user pcores using Synplify, or, if you have already synthesized them elsewhere, you can copy them from the Synplify project directory into the XPS implementation directory. 


Note: Syntax for the MPD and BBD files is located in the Platform Specification Format Reference Manual found in "$XILINX_EDK/doc/usenglish".

AR# 24910
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