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AR# 24952

LogiCORE Endpoint PIPE for PCI Express v1.6.1 - 9.1i SP2 Timing Analyzer GUI displays "Unexpected Error in index generation process near line 326 Offending index line is "2 353"


When implementing the S31400A design generated by CORE Generator in 9.1i SP2, the following messages may appear if the timing report is opened in the Timing Analyzer GUI:  


Unexpected Error in Index Generation process near line 326 offending index line is "2 353"  

Unexpected Error in Index Generation process near line 4074 offending index line is "2 4114" 

Unexpected Error in Index Generation process near line 5617 offending index line is "2 5645"


This is a GUI problem only, as the actual timing report file generated by TRCE does not contain these messages. These can be safely ignored so long as no timing errors are reported in the text timing report. 


To work around this, change the implementation file so that the trce command writes out an xml file. The command is: 


trce -u -v 100 -xml routed.twx routed.ncd mapped.pcf 


Then open the routed.xml file in Timing Analyzer.

AR# 24952
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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