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AR# 24979

MIG v1.73 - General CORE Generator support items for MIG 1.73


Keywords: Memory, Interface, Generator

This Answer Record contains general CORE Generator support information for the MIG 1.73 release, which includes:
- CORE Generator "Project Options" Settings
- CORE Generator GUI Main Window


Support Items for CORE Generator "Project Options" Settings

Part Tab

- If the you select any unsupported family and try to open MIG 1.73, CORE Generator opens the User Guide.
- The Spartan-3A and Spartan-3AN families are combined in one "Family" selection, "Spartan-3A and Spartan-3AN". MIG 1.73 supports only Spartan-3A devices. When the target family is Spartan-3A, you must select "Spartan-3A and Spartan-3AN". You must then ensure that a Spartan-3A device is selected in the "Device" option. If a Spartan-3AN device is selected upon opening MIG, a note pops up stating "Selected device is not supported by MIG Version 1.73."

Generation Tab

- MIG supports only the "Flow" option "Design Entry." This can be set to either Verilog or VHDL; schematic is not supported. However, if this option is selected, MIG will generate Verilog design files. MIG does not support the "Customer Output Products" option.
- MIG supports only ISE and Synplicity under "Flow Settings." CORE Generator allows selecting any of the "Vendors" that are displayed. For all unsupported vendors, MIG defaults to foundation_ise. Please select either ISE or Synplicity.
- MIG does not support the following options:
-- "Netlist Bus Format" - MIG generates RTL code, so this option is not applicable.
-- "Preferred Implementation Files" - MIG generates RTL code, so this option is not applicable.
-- "Simulation Files" - MIG generates RTL code, so simulation is run with Xilinx unisim/unisims_ver and simprim/simprims_ver libraries. To compile these libraries, "COMPXLIB" must be run. For further information, see the "Compiling Xilinx Simulation Libraries (COMPXLIB)" section of the "Synthesis and Simulation Guide", available at:

-- "Other Output Products" - MIG does not generate ASY Symbol or XSF file.

Advanced Tab

- MIG does not support the "Elaboration" options.

CORE Generator Main Window Support Items

- If you click on the "Generated IP" tab, the following links are displayed on the right side when the MIG component is selected:
-- "Recustomize (Under Original Settings)," "Regenerate (Under Original Settings)," "Regenerate (Under Current Settings)": when any of these options are selected, the MIG GUI will open with the options set in the previously generated MIG design highlighted in the "Component Name" section.
-- "View Data Sheet": when this option is selected, CORE Generator opens the "datasheet.txt" file for the previously generated MIG design highlighted in the "Component Name" section.
-- "View User Guide": when this is selected, CORE Generator opens the MIG User Guide.
AR# 24979
Date Created 09/04/2007
Last Updated 04/06/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article