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AR# 25023

LogiCORE Initator/Target v3.161 and v4.2 for PCI - Spartan-3A and Virtex-5 designs that met timing in 9.1i sp2 fail timing in 9.1i sp3


Spartan-3A and Virtex-5 PCI designs that met timing in 9.1i sp2 fail timing in 9.1i SP3. Why does this happen?


Pre-production speed files for Spartan-3A and Virtex-5 have continued to evolve in ISE 9.1i Service Pack 3. As a result, PCI 66 MHz designs that met timing using IP update 1 under 9.1i sp2 might fail timing under sp3. Because these designs are routed using exact-mode DIRT constraints, PAR is unable to readjust critical paths to accommodate the new speed-file data. 


IP update 3 with a planned mid-May release will bring PCI 66 MHz implementations for these two families in line with sp3 speed files. For immediate help on this, please open a case with the Support team at: 


AR# 25023
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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