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AR# 25057

9.1i AccelDSP Synthesis - Interaction between MATLAB and AccelDSP causes problems with "Verify floatingpoint", "Analyze", "Verify -fixedpoint" and other processes that rely on communication with MATLAB


AccelDSP relies upon the MATLAB "COM server" for the correct interaction between AccelDSP and MATLAB. At times the "COM server" does not correctly handle the communication between the tools. This results in AccelDSP being unable to perform the commands "Verify -floatingpoint", "Analyze", or "Verify -fixedpoint". The failures can have a number of symptoms, such as, the inability to make the connection, errors in MATLAB when closing AccelDSP, and messages stating that the shape of a variable cannot be determined.


While Xilinx works with MathWorks to resolve the issues with their "COM server", there has been a reduction in the problems when performing one or more of the following steps. 


- Reinstalling MATLAB 

- Reinstalling MATLAB and then reinstalling AccelDSP 

- Moving to MATLAB 2006b (must use AccelDSP 9.1.0 or later) 

- Using a login that has "Administrative Rights" on the PC you are using

AR# 25057
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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