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AR# 25076

9.1 SW AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - After an Uninstall of AccelDSP from Disk, MATLAB Gives Warning Message About Not Finding the AccelDSP/toolbox


After an uninstall of AccelDSP, MATLAB gives warning messages about "<AccelDSP_Install_Directory>/toolbox" being "nonexistent" even though the MATLAB PATH does not include this toolbox.


The following steps can be used to rectify this problem. 


1) Invoke MATLAB and confirm you get messages about the AccelDSP Toolbox being nonexistent. 

2) Open the MATLAB Path Form via File->SetPath Pull Down Menu. 

3) Confirm that the list of paths to search does NOT include anything from "<AccelDSP_Install_Directory>/toolbox." If it does exist, remove it. 

4) If there did not exist any "<AccelDSP_Install_Directory>/toolbox" item in the list of paths, select any item in the list and move it up/down one line. 

5) Click on the "Save" and "Close" buttons in the MATLAB Path Form. 

6) Close MATLAB. 

7) Invoke MATLAB and the warning messages should be gone.

AR# 25076
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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