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AR# 25077

ISE / CORE Generator - What is the purpose of the _xmdf.tcl file?


The CORE Generator now generates a <component_name>_xmdf.tcl file in the project directory. What is the purpose of this file? The README file generated by CORE Generator points to the data sheet, but the data sheet documentation does not include information on the _xmdf.tcl file.


The _xmdf.tcl file provides information to Project Navigator on the purpose of the generated files from CORE Generator. This file specifies to Project Navigator what to do with each output file (e.g., synthesize it, hide it, compile it, etc.) and when to display it in the Project Navigator window (e.g., simulation view, synthesis view, etc.)

The _xmdf.tcl file is not required for your designs. However, it should not be removed or altered. In a future release of CORE Generator, the file description will be added to the README file.

AR# 25077
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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