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AR# 2511

Workview Office - How to label incrementing/decrementing bus signals


KEYWORDS: Viewdraw, Workview Office, label, net, signals, increment, decrement

URGENCY: Standard

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: In Workview Office ViewDraw, how can I label the nets
tapped off a bus without having to type the labels in each time?


For example: If you have a bus called MY_BUS[8:0], and want to label the
individual signals from this bus with labels MY_BUS8, MY_BUS7, MY_BUS6, etc.

1) Double click on the first signal (most significant bit). This will open
the Net Properties window.

2) Type in MY_BUS[7:0] for the label.

3) Click OK. This will close the Net Properties window and attach a label
"MY_BUS7" on the signal.

4) Double click on the next signal. Again, you will see the Net Properies

5) This time, instead of typing in the label name, click on the "Next Label"
button and it will automatically fill in the next label "MY_BUS6".

6) Click OK, to close Net Properties window.

7) Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for the remaining nets.

If you want to label them in incrementing order, select the least significant
bit first, then type MY_BUS[0:7] (as opposed to MY_BUS[7:0]) for the label.
AR# 2511
Date 05/22/2006
Status Archive
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